How to Report a Claim

First of all, are you OK?

At Union State Insurance, we know accidents and catastrophes are traumatic enough. That is why we take great care in making the claims process as simple and hassle-free as possible. After all, we're dedicated to providing our clients quality insurance policies and superior customer service.

To report a claim during business hours, please call our agency at 205-884-1670 as soon as possible. We will direct you concerning the next steps in the claims process. Should you need to begin the claims process outside of normal business hours, please contact your insurance carrier directly, then contact us as soon as possible.

Should you be faced with an unfortunate accident, we hope you will find the following information helpful.

How To Start The Claim Process



  • Report the damage to our office, and we will verify your coverage/deductible before advising on how to have the windshield repaired.
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One Vehicle Accident

  • Stop your vehicle and move it to a safe place.
  • Determine if you or any passengers are injured. Call for medical assistance if needed. If two or more vehicles are involved, do not leave the scene.
  • Should the accident involve more than one vehicle or property damage has occurred, call the police.
  • Cooperate with authorities and answer all of their questions.
  • Record addresses, telephone numbers, type and ownership of vehicles/property, insurance information, a description of damages from the other parties. Take photos if you are able.
  • Get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses.
  • NEVER admit fault to anyone.
  • If your vehicle must be towed, ask that it be taken to a repair shop of your choice.
  • Call our office to report the accident as soon as possible. We will verify your coverage/deductible and then advise you to obtain estimates for repairs.

Property (Fire/Water/Wind/Theft/Vandalism/Etc):

  • Call the appropriate authorities should the loss involves theft or vandalism or if someone has been injured.
  • Protect your damaged property by making reasonable repairs that can be completed safely to ensure no further damage can occur. For example, secure a tarp on the roof for leaks, cover shattered windows, etc.
  • Keep a record of repair costs and retain receipts for these immediate and necessary expenditures.
  • Call our office to report the claim as soon as possible. We will verify your coverage/deductible and give you advice for obtaining estimates for repairs.
  • Make a list of all items that were damaged or destroyed, including descriptions of the items, original costs, and approximate ages of all items. (Union State Insurance recommends recording your inventory with a video camera and keep receipts or credit card statements for any major purchase, such as appliances, farm equipment, etc.
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